Seminar Series May 2021

Achieving Accountability: the role of restorative justice in the context of domestic and sexual violence

Presented by Thea Deakin-Greenwood

Date: Wednesday 19 May 2021



Transforming Justice Australia’s primary objective is to advance survivor-oriented, restorative justice responses to sexual and family violence. Transforming Justice Australia is a unique restorative justice program in Australia that focuses on, and is guided by, the needs and perspectives of survivors of sexual and family violence. The project combines research and practice to develop initiatives to advance and promote restorative justice practices in NSW for adults, children and young people harmed by sexual violence. The project’s vision is to provide access to alternative and innovative approaches to addressing the harm of sexual and family violence. While survivor oriented it also supports and advocates for community support and evidence based practices for people responsible for harm.

In this seminar we explored the research and illustrated with some case studies of restorative methods in practise. We looked at the question of accountability and the ways in which non-custodial and non-punitive responses could bring compassionate and lasting behavioural change where accountability and forgiveness are at the fore.  

Transforming Justice Australia acknowledges the complexities of working with survivors of sexual and family violence which is why specialist skills and expertise are needed to conduct this work. To ensure meaningful justice, our practices are survivor-led, and centred on the person harmed to ensure their needs are met by any initiative being undertaken.

Transforming Justice Australia began two years ago as an alliance of Thea Deakin-Greenwood (Solicitor and 2019 Churchill Fellow) and Dr Jane Bolitho (then Senior Lecturer in Criminology at UNSW, restorative justice research focus).

Transforming Justice Australia is a specialist program of the Central Tablelands and Blue Mountains Community Legal Centre in partnership with Founder and Research Lead Dr Jane Bolitho, Associate Professor, Diana Unwin Chair in Restorative Justice, Te Herenga Waka /University of Victoria Wellington, New Zealand.

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Thea Deakin-Greenwood Thea is a solicitor at CTBMCLC. She has worked in the community sector for over fifteen years, including at knowmore legal service and Wirringa Baiya Aboriginal Women’s Legal Service. Her work has mainly been with women and children who are survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. In 2018 she was awarded a Churchill Fellowship in order to explore victim-centred restorative justice programs for sexual assault. Thea visited several jurisdictions where restorative justice responses are used in matters such as sexual violence and intimate partner violence both alongside the criminal legal system and in the community. Thea is a member of the NSW Sentencing Council, Corrective Services Ethics Committee and until recently, the Women’s Advisory Council, Corrective Services



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