Domestic Violence and Renting

News update

We are excited to announce that on 11 December 2020 the list of ‘competent persons’ who can provide a declaration as evidence of domestic violence to support a victim-survivor to end their tenancy immediately in circumstances of domestic violence will be expanded to include:

  • a broader range of health practitioners;
  • registered social workers;
  • an employee of a government agency that provides child welfare services;
  • an employee of a non-government agency receiving government funding to provide services relating to:
    • domestic violence or sexual assault,
    • refuge or emergency accommodation,
  • a counsellor approved under the Victims Support Scheme;
  • a person prescribed by future regulations

We thank everyone who advocated for these important reforms. We will continue to work with the Government to advocate for a broader range of ‘competent persons’ and look forward to providing feedback in the 3 year review of the domestic violence provisions in the Act

There are a number of resources available for providing information and assistance to victims of domestic violence who are renting.

WLS NSW have published this factsheet ‘Know Your Rights’ for tenants.

For more detailed information visit NSW Department of Fair Trading or for a sample domestic violence termination notice visit the Tenants Union website.

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