Safety First in Family Law

A campaign to improve safety in family law

Safety First in Family Law is a 5 step program to improve responsiveness to family violence in the family law system. Women’s Legal Services Australia has launched a new 5 step plan.

Safety-first-in-FLStep 1 – Strengthen family violence response in the family law system

Step 2 – Provide effective legal help for the most disadvantaged

Step 3 – Ensure family law professionals have real understanding of family violence

Step 4 – Increase access to safe dispute resolution models

Step 5 – Overcome the gaps between the family law, family violence and child protection systems

For more information:

Women’s Legal Services Australia is a network of specialist women’s legal services and programs in every state and territory, working at the coal face with women and children who have experienced sexual, domestic and family violence.  Women’s Legal Service NSW is a member of Women’s Legal Services Australia.


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