Safety First in Family Law

A campaign to improve safety in family law

Safety First in Family Law is a 5 step program to improve responsiveness to family violence in the family law system.

Safety-first-in-FLStep 1 – Develop a specialist pathway for domestic violence cases in family courts

Step 2 – Reduce trauma and support those who are most at risk of future violence and death

Step 3 – Intervene early and provide effective legal help for the most disadvantaged, including by adequately funding Community Legal Centres, Family Violence Prevention Legal Services, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services and Legal Aid

Step 4 – Support women and children to financially recover from domestic violence

Step 5 – Strengthen the understanding of all family law professionals on domestic violence and trauma

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For more information:

This is a campaign of Women’s Legal Services Australia, a network of community legal centres based in every state and territory, working at the coal face with women and children who have experienced domestic violence.

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