Strategic Plan

2016 – 2019strategic-plan-2016-cover

Download: Women’s Legal Service NSW Strategic Plan 2016–2019


Access to justice and a just legal system for women in NSW, as all women are entitled to a society that respects their human rights.


Women’s Legal Service NSW works from a feminist perspective to promote access to justice for women in NSW.  We seek to promote women’s human rights, redress inequalities experienced by women and to foster legal and social change through strategic legal services, community development, community legal education and law and policy reform work.  We prioritise women who are disadvantaged by their cultural, social and economic circumstances.

We focus on areas of law that most directly have a gendered impact on women. This includes domestic violence, sexual assault, family law care and protection, and discrimination.

5 Priority Areas

The five priority areas of service delivery for Women’s Legal Service NSW are:

1. Policy and Law Reform

Influence reform of policy, legislation and legal processes that affect the rights and limit the lives of women, particularly those most disadvantaged in their access to justice.

2. Community Legal Education and Community Development

Promote women’s understanding of the legal system, their rights and avenues for the resolution of their legal problems. Undertake community development initiatives to achieve this purpose, particularly for those women most disadvantaged in their access to justice. Develop the capacity of service providers working with women to assist their clients appropriately with legal problems.

3. Improving the Lives of Individual Women

Targeted and effective legal services that best meet the unmet needs of the most disadvantaged women in NSW.

Strategic casework selected within our capacity that promotes women’s human rights and supports assistance for those women at greatest disadvantage.

4. Enhance access to justice for, and self-determination by, Indigenous women

Provide a specialised and culturally appropriate Indigenous Women’s Legal Program, with respect for Indigenous decision-making and a commitment to supporting community strengthening.

5. Infrastructure, Sustainability and Organisational Support

Maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of Women’s Legal Service NSW infrastructure to sustain and support the service delivery priority areas.


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