Speak Up to End Violence Against Women!


‘Speak Up to End Violence Against Women’ is a mobile website at speakup.org.au that will operate nationally and has two key functions.

First, an easily navigated directory for domestic violence and sexual assault services across Australian to help women escaping violence and organisations assisting them.

Second, it’s an opportunity to make your voice count. Finish the sentence ‘we could reduce violence against women by...’

We want to start a national conversation about violence against women to increase awareness and decrease the statistics. 1 in 3 women in Australia will be victims of domestic violence, while 1 in 5, victims of sexual violence.

Your response will be posted on the site and used by Women’s Legal Services to direct our law reform work so we can make practical recommendations to the government on how to end violence against women.

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Read our latest Media Release: Trolls Attack Initiative to End Violence Against Women (13 March 2014)

Watch our Speak Up Videos!

1. Introducing Speak Up!

2. Ambassador Natasha Stott Despoja Speaks Up!

3. The Hon Michael Kirby Speaks Up!



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