Technology-Facilitated Stalking and Abuse

Advances in technology have led to a rapid rise in technology-assisted domestic violence and abuse. Through the use of the internet, social media, mobile devices, texting, email, and surveillance devices, domestic violence perpetrators have increasing access to new methods and tools to stalk, harass, and abuse their victims. In turn, victims of such abuse feel tethered to their abusive partners by technology, unable to escape.

Women’s Legal Service NSW (‘WLS NSW’) is working with Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria (‘DVRCV’) and WESNET on a national project to develop an Australian-specific and Australian-wide range of resources that will assist victims of technology-assisted domestic violence and those who are trying to assist them.

Legal Guides and Tech Safety Hub

For this project, WLS NSW has developed a set of legal guides that look at the legal implications of using technology to perpetrate domestic violence and the protections that the existing legal framework offers to those experiencing such abuse.

These guides have been developed for each State and Territory, and made available on the SmartSafe national website built specifically for this project, in order to produce a comprehensive Australian online resource.

Visit the Technology Safety Resource Centre

Legal Guides  Tech Safety Hub


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National research findings (report)

DVRCV conducted a national survey on technology-facilitated abuse drawing on the experience of family violence practitioners across Australia.

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Charissa Sun, a WLS NSW solicitor working on this project, has written an article on this topic, which was published in the June 2015 edition of the Law Society Journal.

Download article:
“Technology-Facilitated Stalking and Abuse: Putting our Legal Framework to the Test”
Charissa Sun, The Law Society of NSW Journal, June 2015

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Helen Campbell or Liz Snell

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