See a lawyer face-to-face

For more information about the types of legal matters in which WLS NSW can provide legal advice or representation see Areas of Law.

Face-to-face legal advice

Legal Advice Clinics:

Women can make an appointment to meet a solicitor in person and face-to-face at one of WLS NSW’s outreach services in Western Sydney: Blacktown, Liverpool and Penrith.

Family Relationship Centre Partnership:

WLS NSW provides legal advice, information and assistance during Family Dispute Resolution to women through a partnership with Western Sydney Community Legal Centre and the Family Relationship Centres at Blacktown and Penrith.

LEAP for Women:

WLS NSW  provides legal advice to women in several women’s correctional centres through the LEAP for Women project.

First Nations Women Outreach:

Indigenous women can obtain family law advice in Blackett, Campbelltown, Cranebrook, Emerton and Liverpool. 

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