Seminar Series May 2019: Abortion Law in NSW

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Abortion Law in NSW: Shifting from criminalisation to the reproductive rights of women and girls

This seminar will signal a multidisciplinary examination of abortion law and regulation in NSW. There will be a collective call for the government to shift away from the continued criminalisation of female reproductive rights towards codification that respects a women’s autonomy over their reproductive rights.

 When: Wednesday 8th May 2019

 Time: 5.30pm – 7.30pm

 Where: Colin Biggers & Paisley,  Level 42, 2 Park Street, Sydney 2000

This seminar may qualify for CPD points.

Assoc. Prof. Christine Forster, UNSW

Christine Forster is currently an Associate Professor at the UNSW law school, teaching Introducing Law & Justice, Torts, Gender and Law, Health and Medical Law and Australian Journal of Human Rights. Forster has worked extensively and developed much expertise and research in many areas of law specifically health and medical law, CEDAW and women’s human rights and positive obligations in gender equality laws. Forster has continuously been a pioneer for human rights and advancing the most vulnerable in our society with her using her Teaching and Learning Fund to set up and trial enrichment courses for Indigenous students as well as gaining a Start Up Grant to research the English Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme. Forster is an impressive Professor at UNSW Law School and beyond, providing not only high-quality education but extending herself to ensure her research and activism is advancing human rights in Australia.


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Hosted by Women’s Legal Service NSW

These monthly talks will provide opportunity to exchange ideas, inform change and share research. Each month we will discuss the latest developments in legal issues that directly impact women and children.

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