Lodge Victims Reassessment Claim Now!

Victims who lodged an application for compensation under the old scheme (before 7 May 2013) have until 31 August 2016 to apply for reassessment of their claim.

Reassessment means that people who lodged a claim under the old scheme, but received a recognition payment under the new scheme, will have their claim looked at again – applying the terms of the old scheme.

Many people who received a recognition payment will likely receive more money if their claim is reassessed.

You must apply to Victims Services for your matter to be reassessed.

All applications must be lodged by the 31 August 2016.

Many people who are eligible to have their claim reassessed have not applied yet, so it is vital that we get the word out!

The Victims Services website has information about the reassessment scheme, including:

Visit our page about the changes to the Victims Compensation Scheme to find out more.

If you would like legal advice about the impact of the changes please contact us, your local Community Legal Centre, or LawAccess.

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