GP Toolkit

“When she talks to you about the violence”

A toolkit for GPs in NSW

This resource has been developed to assist doctors in identifying and responding to women and children who have experienced or are experiencing family violence (also known as ‘domestic violence’ or ‘intimate partner violence’.) First produced in 2013, this toolkit was updated in September 2019.

Download the complete GP Toolkit (PDF)

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The toolkit contains guidelines for patient care, from a range of sources, as well as some legal information relevant to your role as her GP.

This toolkit has been developed by Women’s Legal Service NSW, with the financial assistance of the Law and Justice Foundation of NSW.

National GP Toolkit

The Australian Medical Association has launched a national version of the GP Toolkit.

AMA FV Resource cover

See the AMA media release: AMA launches resource to assist doctors to better support victims of family violence (31 May 2015)

Download the resource in PDF format:
Supporting Patients Experiencing Family Violence: A Resource for Medical Practitioners

For more information visit the resource page on the AMA website

AMA video for doctors

The Australian Medical Association (NSW) have made a video based on the GP Toolkit for doctors on providing care to victims of domestic violence.

When she talks to you about the violence – A toolkit for doctors in NSW from AMA (NSW) on Vimeo.


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