Financial Counselling Service

Our financial counselling service helps women who have experienced family violence to improve their financial wellbeing and supports them to recover from the financial problems caused by the abuse or family breakdown.


Taking steps to protect your financial safety


Dealing with debts, financial hardship and entitlements


Developing money plans and goals to maintain your financial independence

Our financial counsellors are qualified professionals who will guide you through your options and help you with:

  • taking steps to protect your financial safety
  • preparing a comprehensive assessment of your financial position
  • dealing with debts, including joint debts, and financial hardship
  • negotiating on your behalf with your creditors in certain circumstances
  • Centrelink debts, entitlements and payment issues
  • maximising the benefit of receiving a Victims Support payment
  • understanding how a property settlement may affect your situation
  • referring you to other specialist services you may need, such as legal services, emergency relief, utility relief schemes, and family support.

Read our factsheet: Untangling financial abuse for women escaping Domestic Violence

This factsheet was produced with the Financial Rights Centre to accompany an Ask Lois webinar in August 2021.

Our financial counselling service is free, independent and strictly confidential
We are here to HELP YOU with your financial recovery

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How to make a referral to our counsellor.

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