Families Pets and Abuse

Image of woman and dogDomestic Violence NSW has been supporting Dr Lydia Tong and her team at Sydney University to undertake a research study into pets and domestic and family violence.

Dr Lydia Tong and her team are asking for your valuable information surrounding this issue and need to collect vital data through an online survey.

Sydney University’s veterinary school has launched its new Australia-wide study into the links between domestic and family violence and animal abuse. An Australian ‘first’! Any pet owner (current or previous) who has experienced abuse of any form from a partner or family member (including non-physical abuse, such as emotional or psychological abuse) is encouraged to consider sharing their story. People of any gender or sexual preference are invited to answer the survey. The survey is completely anonymous.

Funding for this study is being provided by Lucy’s Project, an organisation that raises awareness and supports initiatives to improve the lives of humans and animals living in abusive Australian homes.


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