Bright Spark Awards

Our annual Bright Spark Awards are an opportunity to celebrate our sector. The awards acknowledge and appreciate the great work done by inspiring women in our workplace and community.

Conceived in 2015 in the midst of funding cuts, resource reduction and low morale, the WLS NSW Bright Spark awards reach out to all those women who work tirelessly to help others – creating an event to warm hearts, spread influence, encourage & empower everyone working to help vulnerable women across NSW.

Our award categories reflect the professional service areas we work with throughout the community sector, and while the awards are aligned with workplace activity, their philosophy is much more personal.

We want to give you the opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the outstanding efforts of inspiring and enlightening women in your lives (both colleagues and friends).

We know that there are many fabulous, admirable and highly capable women working hard to make a big difference to women’s lives. The Bright Spark Awards allow us all to take a moment to celebrate the achievements of these brave and passionate women and the services or projects that they are involved with.

Nominations are closed.


The award categories are as follows:

  • The Advocacy and Reform Award

    This award is for those who fight for change. Is she a tireless activist whose efforts are bringing meaningful grassroots support to a cause? Does she lead an effective campaign that brings attention to an issue? Is she passionate and vocal in shining a light on a systemic problem that needs reform?

  • The Community Service Award

    This award recognises the amazing job done by so many of the community organisations that we work closely with, and that are part of an extended network of services used by our clients. These services are usually woefully under-funded and the staff that keep them running are tenacious, resilient, resourceful and generous. We are grateful for their commitment.

  • The Innovation and Leadership Award 

    This award commends creative responses to adversity. Did she go above and beyond to maintain their service delivery, or contact and connection with others during or after hard times? Did she manage an important project, develop a new program or lead some research? Did she find a way to keep going despite difficult circumstances?

  • The MOB-ilise Award

    This award celebrates First Nations women who put talk into action and is selected and presented by our First Nation’s Women’s Legal Program. When traveling for outreach in regional and rural areas our FNWLP team connect with a wide range of culturally targeted services. They are proud when they see mobilisation in community and country and honour the women driving that connection.

To sponsor an award or for general enquiries contact:

Foundation Coordinator, Chloe Wyatt,

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