Feminist Legal Perspectives: Upcoming Seminars

Interested in attending our Feminist Legal Perspectives seminars? Below is our schedule for 2019 where you can view more details and register to attend.

Held on the first Tuesday of each month, these monthly talks will provide opportunity to exchange ideas, inform change and share research. Each month we will discuss the latest developments in legal issues that directly impact women and children.


February 13 – Has he been violent before? Domestic Violence Disclosure Schemes

March 13 – International Women’s Day Panel: Sexual Harassment in the Australian Workplace 

April 10 – Connecting Communities: A Project to Prevent Modern Slavery

May 8 – Abortion law in NSW: Shifting from Criminalisaton to the Reproducive Rights of Women and Girls

June 12 – Yet to be announced

August 14 – Yet to be announced

September 11 – Appropriating the Rights of Women: Moral Panics, Victims and Exclusionary Agendas in Domestic and Cross-Borders Sex Crimes

October 9 – Women Defendants in Domestic Violence Cases – Addressing Systemic Injustices

November 13 – Exploring the Impact of Self-Representation by Perpetrators and Victims of Domestic Violence in Family Law Proceedings

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