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Ask LOIS is a secure website providing a free legal online information service for community workers across NSW who are working with women who are experiencing or escaping domestic violence.

The resource is particularly targeted at regional and rural workers and aims to provide legal training, information, advice and support.

Ask LOIS includes:

  • Free fortnightly online workshops: participate in our free and interactive training webinars hosted by solicitors and experts across the field. Topics covered include domestic violence, apprehended violence orders, family law, child protection, victim’s compensation and much more. All past webinars can also be downloaded for free along with summary factsheets
  • Free online advice and support: Chat with a solicitor online or via videoconferencing every Wednesday between 11:00am-1:00pm for legal support and advice
  • Discussion Forums: Organised by issue and location, online communities are available to share information, resources and collaborate. You can even request to start your own private discussion forum
  • Resource Library: Our extensive resource library contains a range of carefully selected plain English fact sheets, toolkits, videos and links to useful external websites organised by topic
  • Case Studies: We have developed fictional case studies and diagrams as learning materials to explore the different legal and non-legal issues surrounding domestic violence
  • Domestic Violence Service Directory: Browse by region or community group to find domestic violence services for your client

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Jessica Raffal

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