Save the Indigenous Women’s Legal Progam

In the 2014 budget significant and widespread funding cuts were made across the community legal sector.

In March 2015 WLS NSW was delighted to be able to secure new funding to maintain the vital services provided by the Indigenous Women’s Legal Program for 12 more months. However the struggle is not over!

ThrIWLP-2ough the Indigenous Women’s Legal Program, WLS NSW delivers a culturally safe legal service to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women in NSW.

In operation for 16 years, the Indigenous Women’s Legal Program is an important vessel for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women to gain access to justice through community legal education workshops, legal information and advice.

It is successful because it is staffed by Aboriginal women, who are passionate and committed not only to their own communities, but the entire Aboriginal community of NSW.

The program team are constantly engaging, building and maintaining relationships with Aboriginal communities, Aboriginal organisations and mainstream organisations who provide Aboriginal specific services to women across NSW.

Due to the engagement and trust building capacity of our team, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women have been seeking legal advice at these outreaches and community legal education workshops at an early stage. This significant when for example, in child protection matters early engagement increases the likelihood that the child will live with family members instead of going into ‘care’. This is hugely beneficial given the very high number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in care.

Projects such as Winnama Wirawi and Aboriginal Care Matters provide vital support to Aboriginal women trying to navigate through family law matters.

We need to keep the doors open.

Please DONATE NOW to keep the
Indigenous Women’s Legal Program open

We need your support to keep up our program of outreach and rural visits.



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