Young Black Chicks Talking

Safe & Healthy Options in Relationships

The project came about, through discussions carried out by IWLP around the use of social media and how we as Koori’s have the highest use when it comes to social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on. And how social media would be a good way to generate what young people and in particular young girls were saying about relationships, given the vast amount of user on social media.

IWLP got together with Leah Purcell and her manager Bain Stewart of Oombarra Productions to discuss the idea of producing a social media clip of Young Black Chicks Talking, safe & healthy options in relationships.

Leah Purcell talking the girls through, whats next.

The title is loosely based around Leah Purcell’s “Black Chicks talking” series. We wanted to get young Koori girls together and give them a voice, because their voices matter most when it comes to discussing issues that affect them.

Listen to these young Koori girls speak truthfully about how they perceive relationships and what they see as healthy options in a relationship.

Enjoy viewing some smart young black chicks talking

The project was generously funded by Talking About Tobacco Use (TATU) in addition to funding TATU also gave each young girl who participated a $100 gift card and also provided morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea for all who were involved in the project. At all times, we felt well supported with TATU as their, well connected and informed with the ‘What’s What” of community.

The social media clip was filmed on the grounds of National Centre of Indigenous Excellence, which is on Gadigal land of the Eora nation. It took a whole day to film and the filming was done in various location within the centre.

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