Prioritising Safety at Home Report

2017 Survey Results about Domestic Violence and Renting in NSW

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Women’s Legal Service NSW, along with many other organisations, has long been advocating for stronger protections for survivors of domestic violence who are renting in NSW.

There has recently been a review of NSW tenancy law which found the law provides “little real protection to victims of domestic violence and require[s] reform.”

The NSW Government has announced it will strengthen protections for victims of domestic violence by allowing them to end their tenancy immediately without penalty if they have a provisional, interim or final apprehended violence order (AVO) or a family law injunction.  We welcome this announcement.  However, these reforms will not protect those who face barriers obtaining an AVO or an injunction.

Survey of survivors

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In 2017, Women’s Legal Service NSW conducted a survey with domestic violence survivors about their experiences renting in NSW. We also asked to whom they reported the violence. The survey highlights the importance of accepting evidence of domestic violence from doctors, domestic violence service workers, psychologists, community access workers, social workers, homelessness workers, child protection workers, nurses or disability advocates.  In the words of one survey respondent such a “law change will be life saving”.

Download report: Prioritising Safety at Home: 2017 Survey Results about Domestic Violence and Renting in NSW 

Download the infographic summary of the survey results

Find out more about how to TAKE ACTION in support of stronger protections for domestic violence victims renting in NSW here.

You can read more about the review of the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 (NSW) and additional reforms Women’s Legal Service NSW proposes here and here.

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